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Looking back over the past several years, it becomes apparent that the world of SEO has dramatically changed.  SEO specialists constantly need to work at keeping up to date with the changes that are put in place by search engines. Last year Google released two massive updates to their algorithms. Google Panda and Google Penguin. These two updates basically ensured that using Black hat SEO will definitely result in punishment.

The Panda update from Google was focused on giving more importance to content. This update is designed to weed out the low quality and duplicated content that is spread across the web. A website that’s utilizing duplicated content from another site will result in both websites receiving a penalty. Performing Content SEO is the easiest way to combat this by constantly adding unique, fresh content to your website. This can be done through the use of a blog page, which allows you to quickly write up daily or weekly posts that will help keep new content for Google to crawl.  Another method is to allow users to comment on your posts and generate conversations that will add value to your pages.

Creating content that is grammatically correct is also of utmost importance. The Panda update focuses on Content SEO that is written correctly.  This is definitely a welcomed change by most SEO specialists as it immediately penalized article directories that were filled with duplicated copies of articles. It also lowered the rank of these spam filled sites, which allowed the legitimate websites to gain ranking in Google.

In this next section, I will discuss seven steps to performing great Content SEO. It is extremely important that you do not miss out any of the listed steps as each one is crucial to your success. I would suggest first writing your content in Microsoft Word, or Apple’s Pages app. This way you can minimize spelling errors and grammatical errors to help make sure Panda does not penalize your content for these common mistakes.


How to perform Content SEO

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1) Review the topic you plan to discuss and write a short outline of your main points.

2) Focus on organizing the content to make it easily readable for your audience.

3) Begin writing out your content and focus on important details that will compel readers to continue reading your post.

 4) Ensure there are no spelling or grammatical errors in your content.

5) Share your content through social media networks to help boost your Content SEO.

6) Update your content once a week to help keep the copy fresh.

7) Watch as you begin to raise in Google Rankings due to your brilliant Content SEO.


How to correctly share your content

Google Penguin Update

The Google Penguin update was designed to lower the effects of link building as many SEO specialists had begun to use Black-hat SEO methods in order to increase their search engine ranking. Performing unnatural link-building activities may result in a spam restriction being placed on your website by Google. This can severely cripple your website and make it very difficult for you to recover from these penalties. There are a few great ways to perform link building without spamming your website with low quality and unnatural links.

Use social media networks to share the content that you have created for your page. This is a great way for you to drive traffic to your website and increase revenue. Social Media is also a great way to gather powerful links and generate content through these pages. While links may not carry the same weight they still do have some power in terms of affecting your search engine ranking. At ONE4SEO we focus our Orlando SEO Services to help you achieve your goals for your company’s Content SEO. If you have any questions please get in touch with us so that we can try and help you out.

Create videos for YouTube and post links to your website in the description for these videos. This way, you not only receive a high quality link to your website, but you will also receive traffic to your website. You can then share these videos on social media networks that can drive traffic to the videos and then by extension, to your website.

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