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How do you stay on page 1 of Google?

I have asked myself this same question especially after the success I saw with one4seo staying on the top of Google for 5 weeks after I had just created the site. It got me thinking, everyone always says there are thousands of ways to get to page 1, but what about staying there? I decided that I was going to perform my own experiment, with my own website. I am taking 12 weeks and only changed a couple things at a time so that I could try and see what the real factor is in website ranking.  This post is going to walk you through the first 4 weeks of my experiment, and for the next 8 weeks, I am going to document my rise back to the first page of Google. I am targeting the keyword Orlando SEO Services. I could easily target others but I want to keep the experiment as controlled as possible. Stay tuned because this is going to get exciting!

Week 1 Link-Building

I know everyone says link building is an extremely important aspect of SEO but the fact is, Google does not place as large an emphasis on this as they used to. Popularity is now measured by social success especially after the Hummingbird and Penguin updates. If you want to actively build links, you need to provide information to your readers and audience so that they will willingly place a link to your website. I recently looked into local SEO citations and found that throwing the website link there would also be useful to you as it can drive traffic and citation locations are usually on reputable websites such as or even I was never a strong link builder and so this was the first thing that I eliminated from my to do list. Is this the answer to the question how do you stay on page 1 of Google? well, not really. My rankings didn’t change much after I stopped using this tactic. I did drop a spot in Google but honestly, for all the emphasis that is placed on link-building, that one spot is not worth the work it takes to gain it. You can focus all your efforts on another part of SEO such as content and probably gain more than just 1 spot.

Week 2 On Page optimization

Now this was a big hit for me. I noticed that I dropped 3 spots within just 2 weeks of not performing my daily on page optimization. My sitemap was outdated, my title tags needed to be revamped and I needed to update my meta descriptions but I decided to see what the effect would be of not performing all these small steps. To be honest, I did expect to see a drop in rank here as I was basically only letting Google see my old sitemap, plus any new posts that I uploaded were just not optimized for Google to read them effectively. I was only 2 spots above the bottom of page 1 at this point and my traffic took a huge hit. So in regards to the question how do you stay on page 1 of Google? You definitely need to do on page optimization on a regular basis. This was a vital part of my SEO and I lost a lot of traffic because I was not performing this simple step. It doesn’t even take much to do, while writing the post you just find the most relevant keywords for it, plug those in and write a short meta description and make sure your title is easy to read and relevant to the content you are writing about.

Week 3 Social Networking

In the third week of my experiment I decided to stop posting on our ONE4SEO social media sites. I wanted to see what sort of effect this could possibly have on our search engine ranking. To be completely honest, I don’t really think it did have much of an effect on our ranking for the website but I noticed our social media pages lost a fair number of likes. I think since week 3 of the experiment, we lost 30 or so likes from Facebook and almost 20 Twitter Followers. So as it turns out, social media did not have as large a negative impact as we initially expected. Our rankings remained the same after we stopped updated our profiles. If you are wondering how do you stay on Page 1 of Google, then I wouldn’t say social media posts would hurt you if you didn’t post every day. While there has been a huge influence on Social Media since the Hummingbird update, this is more related to content being shared as opposed to how actively you post. So if you post a new article once a month then you will see benefits versus if you post status updates every hour without any seriously useful information.

Week 4 Content updates

Now this was the big one. I have long been an advocate of content marketing and the whole purpose of this experiment was for me to prove that content marketing is the biggest factor in SEO especially this year. Within a week of not posting fresh content, my site had dropped completely off page 1. I was in the middle of page 2 within 6 days of not uploading any new content. Today I am shocked that we are still on page 2 as our ranking has fluctuated between 13-30th position in Google. It gets worse, we no longer show up on page one for any of our keywords except the extremely narrow “Central Florida SEO Services.” This proves that my hypothesis was indeed correct about whether Content is the key for SEO. I will now spend the next 8 weeks proving this theory again by simply updating content on our website with useful posts in an effort to see if we can get back on page 1 for all of the keywords that we previously ranked for.

For now though, “How do you stay on page 1 of Google?” Upload fresh and unique content on a regular basis.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us as we offer a great SEO diagnostic service to help you find what may be going wrong with your SEO. And I promise we won’t run any experiments like we did on our current website!

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