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How do you get back to page 1 of Google?

It can be very frustrating when you drop off the all important first page, but don’t feel as though you have been defeated. The quickest way back onto page one is actually to just update your content and create a few new posts that you can then drive traffic to. Do you prefer to use videos to drive traffic? We recently came across a great new piece of software called “HoverPost“. This allows you to upload a video and have it play directly on your website rather than going to YouTube or Vimeo.

This is a great alternative to adding blog posts as you can use the video to bring in new traffic to your page and then have the user interact with your current content. Basic videos can be created using iMovie but you really want to attract the attention of your audience. You can find thousands of templates for Adobe After Effects that can allow you to create a customized video in just 1 day. Keep in mind anything you create in After Effects will require you to render it which can take quite some time depending on the computing power of your PC or Mac. Once you upload these videos to YouTube, you simply have to take the link for that video, log into Hover Post and create a short-link. This will then allow you to share the HoverPost short-link on your social media sites and allow your audience to see that video “hover” over your own website rather than having to go to YouTube. I have used this for one of my clients The NAS Experts with great results so far. The increase in visitors is massive as you’re gaining hundreds or thousands of users who would have otherwise gone to YouTube to see your video.


How can this help me get on Google though?

Great question! Well since you are sharing that handy short-link, you can go and post it on your own website and allow your visitors to share that link or any link on your website to their own social media networks. This builds up links to your site as well as visitors and thus enhances your domain authority provided you are giving them good information that they can then use. Make sure to embed your videos on your site as well so that they can share that page directly to send link juice to your domain. Allow them to post comments and have discussions on your page as this is a great way to keep the page fresh and encourage users to keep returning to your site. You will probably need to install a plugin (if you use Shopify or WordPress style content management systems) to prevent spam and fake users, but these are normally inexpensive and definitely worth it.

Make sure you also include written content for your posts that use videos. It helps supplement the information and keeps users on your page longer which leads to lower bounce rates. Make sure you send them directly to your page rather than sending them to a homepage where they then have to click 2-3 times just to get to your posts. This is a quick way to lose visitors if you do not send them directly to where they want to go. Unfortunately HoverPost only sends users directly to your website’s homepage but as mentioned before, this is still a benefit because those users may never have even come to your website if you had sent them to YouTube (we all know that YouTube bug of watching one video and 3 hours later you could be watching a completely unrelated video and wondering how you got there!).


Content is king, but social media is queen!

You all remember the article I wrote a little while back regarding the importance of content for SEO? Well while it is still true that content is the ideal way to get back on page 1 of Google, you still need people to read this content. How do you get visitors when you aren’t ranking yet? Social Media. Twitter is your best friend, Facebook is your other best friend, you need to use them to build up your ranking. #Hash-tags are among the best social media inventions to have been released. All it takes is one hash-tag and anyone can see your post if they search for that hash-tag and now it is also available on Facebook and not just Twitter. Content may be King, but social media is definitely Queen when it comes to Google ranking. The Hummingbird update began to place importance on the effects of social media to determine your SERPs so use that to your advantage. Instead of paying for visitors to come to your site, pay a smaller amount to start building your following (and I do NOT mean buy followers!). Advertise your page and gain REAL followers and start showing them information that they care about, get them to like and share your posts/links/videos. All this will in turn help your SERPs to increase and thus help you get to Page 1 of Google.

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