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You have probably asked your self the question of how to select the best keywords for your website. Selecting keywords that will work best for your website is no easy feat. At least that’s what we have been lead to believe. It’s not as hard as it used to be 10 years ago but thankfully, Google has a tool that can help anyone determine what keywords they should be using. The Google Keyword Planner, previously called the Google Keyword Tool, is a great piece of software that allows you to search for a specific keyword which you can then target through SEO. Conducting keyword research takes time as you want to be really sure about which keywords you want to target. When you don’t know how to select the best keywords, you should take the time to carefully analyze all of your potential keyword opportunities and then select the most relevant choices for your campaign, you will definitely see an improvement in your rankings and ultimately your ROI.


Select the best keywords

One of the major issues that users come across when trying to determine how to select the best keywords, is choosing generic keywords rather than product/service specific keywords. For instance, if I was to sell an iPhone 5 case that also charges the phone battery, I would not want to select keywords such as: iPhone, Battery, Cases, iPhone case, iPhone charger. These would yield very vague results for a user who is searching for these terms as they can refer to so many different things. You want to be specific in your choices. An ideal set of keywords would be: iPhone 5 charger case, iPhone 5 battery case, iPhone 5 case, iPhone 5 backup charger. These keywords are relevant to the product I am selling and so users searching for these keywords would be interested in exactly what I am trying to sell. This set of Keywords would yield great results and Google would see the keywords to be extremely relevant for my page and this would ultimately raise my search ranking.


Use your best keywords for SEO

Once you have learned how to select the best keywords, you really want to start using them, but don’t spam the internet with A HREF links that target your keywords. You want Google to understand that you are trying to build traffic and not just spam links everywhere. This is exactly the practice that brought about the Penguin update from Google and caused Black-Hat SEO to become an extremely dangerous practice. The ideal situation would be to guest blog for other websites and include one or two of your keywords as links back to your website. Then utilize social media practices such as Twitter hash-tags (#) to target your keywords.

Another way to really use your best keywords for SEO would be to start a blog, and remember, short 300 word posts are not good enough anymore in the world of SEO. Google looks for posts that are over 750 words because chances are, longer and detailed posts will be more useful for Google’s audience than short generic posts.  When I am writing a blog post, I don’t consider it anywhere close to being finished until I am around 800 words. On the rare occasion, I will write a blog post that is shorter than 800 words but that is simply because I can get the necessary information out without the need for long explanations.


In a Nutshell

If you really want to learn how to select the best keywords for your website, you need to perform hours of keyword research. You need to thoroughly understand your market. You need to be able to understand what questions your market is asking. Once you figure out the answers to those issues, you then need to figure out the best way to present the solutions to your customers. If they are looking for a short yes or no answer, then you are probably asking yourself the wrong question. For instance, let’s say you are asking the question “Do I need to use a lightning charger with the iPhone 5?” This is a very basic question so you should not think about writing an article to answer that question. Instead focus on the question “What types of chargers will work with the iPhone 5?” The reason behind this is very simple, you are looking to target someone who WANTS to read through your article to learn more about the types of chargers that work with the iPhone 5. Not someone who is looking for a quick yes or no answer. This will help to reduce your bounce rate as well as increase the effectiveness of your content for those who click on your page. Never try to select your keywords without performing Keyword Research. This is an essential part of SEO and requires many hours of patience especially after Google has started withholding important information regarding Keyword popularity and search volume.


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