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Why do I need SEO?

Like any experienced Orlando SEO Consultant will tell you, SEO is not easy, and its extremely time consuming. Before you can implement a SEO plan, you need to think about your strategy, and most importantly, your goals for the SEO plan. This is difficult to do when you don’t have guidance to show you the easiest way to meet your goals. You can make this easier on yourself by hiring us as your Orlando SEO Consultant, we changed our strategy several times within the first couple months because we were trying to figure out what would work best for us. As soon as we understood our market and how they perceive SEO, it became much easier to create content that would be relevant to the market. Take a look at some of the work we have done with local companies and We have worked closely with both companies as their Orlando SEO Consultant to help them rank on Google for page 1 of nearly 70 keywords each! This took a couple years to complete but now they are consistently on page 1 and have remained there since 2011. We can achieve the same results for you over the same time frame. Many businesses want instant results and so they take the shortcut route for SEO. We would never recommend this to anyone as it is a sure way to get penalized by Google. Our motto is SEO done right, we chose this because the only way to perform correct SEO is to go out there and do it manually. We never use automated software to post articles, links, or comments like many other “SEO companies” do. Use us as your Orlando SEO Consultant and we can rank you the old fashioned way and make sure you stay at the top as well. Go search for any QNAP, Thecus, or Synology product and I guarantee you will see and on page 1 of those search results.


Why is link building not important anymore?

Link building used to be the number 1 strategy to rank on the top of Google. Their algorithm suggested that the more links that are pointing to a website, the more relevant it becomes for a given search query. It sounds right but anyone can build links to a website using a cheap automated link building software. Google themselves have proven that this is not the case anymore as they released the Penguin update to penalize websites for link building strategies. How can it be so great when Google is actively fighting against it? “Back link Beast” claim their so called amazing software was able to rank them #1 on YouTube for the most competitive word and within 30 days. What was the keyword? Well they don’t tell you that. How long did they stay there? They don’t tell you that either. It sounds too good to be true because it is too good to be true. These companies offer software that sounds so great, and if you notice, they ALL have limited time sales on their software. They are all signs that you should not trust these people, if they claim to have been using their software to rank them, do some research, find out what sort of links are pointing to them and how long they have been around. The biggest scam with them, is that they offer you the software by you paying through PayPal. That’s convenient though right? Well, according to PayPal’s refund policy, you cannot get a refund for software that is purchased online through PayPal. So even when you realize their software is just lies, you can never get your money back. If these are the types of people that claim link building is important, would you really believe them? If you still don’t believe it, ask any reputable Orlando SEO Consultant, they will tell you that link building can result in serious penalties from Google.


What is the most important SEO Strategy?

Many Orlando SEO Consultants won’t tell you this, but the most important SEO Strategy today, is that of content marketing. Content is king. If you constantly update your content with even more, relevant, content you will see your website start a slow but steady climb to the top. Orlando SEO Services is one of the most competitive keywords for an SEO company in Central Florida. When I first started to rank my website 2 months ago, I was on page 6 at spot 60! 2 months later with just updating my content, I have managed to climb 35 spots and sit on Page 3 at spot 25! This might not sound so impressive to those who want results within 30 days but these results have proven there is a slow and steady climb to the top of Google. Once you hit the top 30, everything becomes harder because now you’re trying to rank against other websites that are also being updated. So how do you rank higher? You could call in an Orlando SEO Consultant who can show you how to use your content on social media to drive traffic to your page and build a following. Then get them to share your pages all over the Social Networking world. This will create natural links to your website which is what will get you ranked on Google.


Orlando SEO Consultants

ONE4SEO will take the role of being your Orlando SEO Consultant and help you create strategies and come up with marketing ideas that will boost your company’s traffic and revenue. We offer this service all over Central Florida and with the purchase of any of our services, you receive a 1 hour free SEO Consultation. We also offer a service for purely serving the purpose of being your SEO Consultant in Orlando and surrounding cities. We will help point out new SEO methods such as creating top quality content for your website as well as how to share this effectively through Social Media sites. We do not claim to be social media experts, but we have had enough exposure to the social networking world to enable us to help you implement a fierce and effective campaign to boost your online presence. All Orlando SEO Consultant services will be charged per hour as this is the most transparent way to break down the pricing. Hire ONE4SEO to be your Orlando SEO Consultant and you will see how great we can be for your company.


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